List of software developing platforms

Our professional software development team is an expert in the following platforms and scripting languages.

  • ANSYS Design Modeler JavaScript programming

  • ANSYS Mechanical JavaScript programming

  • ANSYS Workbench IronPython programming

  • ANSYS SpaceClaim IronPython programming

  • Developing ANSYS Add-ins

  • Developing Matlab programs


SoftAutoTech Select Multiple Entities Toolkit

  • ANSYS mechanical enables selecting the same size entities for one feature only at the time. This method makes the selection process relatively difficult if multiple features are needed to be selected in the numerical model. SoftAutoTech Select Multiple Entities Toolkit enables selecting multiple entities simultaneously and reduces the time required for selecting features and preparing numerical model.

  • This ACT works with Edge, Face and Body features.

  • In addition, SoftAutoTech Select Multiple Entities Toolkit enables selecting all the planes, cones, Splines, Torus and Spheres features with a single click which is a very good time-saving in the mesh generation process.

SoftAutoTech Legend Style Toolkit

  • ANSYS users usually struggle with adjusting the legend style on the result contours which often takes time and reduces the overall performance.

  • This app enables applying user legend style to multiple result contours automatically and reducing time required for adjusting contours significantly. Also, this app enables making the contours consistent.

SoftAutoTech Selecting Nodes Toolkit

  • Selecting nodes is a very important part of numerical analysis that enables extracting numerical results from specific locations or applying boundary conditions to specific nodes. ANSYS provides limited number of methods for selecting nodes by default, therefore, developing alternative methods for selecting nodes is of interest.

  • This app enables selecting nodes in the numerical analysis based on different geometries. Selected nodes can be saved as a “Named Selections” that facilitates extracting results from numerical model or applying boundary conditions.

SoftAutoTech Generating Sections Toolkit

  • If the user is required to define multiple sections in specific locations, generating these sections and assigning contours to them is often considered a very time-consuming task in preparing numerical models. Therefore, developing a method that facilitates the process and reduces the time required for preparing the numerical model is of interest.

  • This app enables generating Multiple linear and circumferential sections in the numerical model using Cartesian and Cylindrical coordinate systems automatically.

SoftAutoTech Mesh Generation Toolkit

  • Mesh generation is one of the most important steps in preparing numerical models. Instead of using functions (e.g., “Capture Curvature”, “Capture Proximity”, “Smoothing” etc. ) which increase number of nodes and elements drastically in numerical model, a method can be used that enables applying a uniform mesh within a volume with a specified depth for generating a very good quality mesh and consequently reducing number of nodes and elements in numerical model significantly in comparison with other methods. Therefore, time required for solving the model can be reduced.

  • This app enhances mesh generation capability and provides different new options for generating a good quality mesh in ANSYS Mechanical by applying a uniform mesh within a volume.

SoftAutoTech Automatic Applying Scope Toolkit

  • By default, ANSYS allows applying scope to one solution at the time which often takes time and reduces the overall performance in case user needs to apply scope to multiple solutions.

  • This app enables applying scope (i.e., solids, faces, edges or vertexes) automatically to multiple solutions, therefore, reduces time required for preparing numerical model significantly.

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